Menstruator, Not A Woman

Rishi, a 12-year-old, enjoyed the action-packed match, a daily routine for him and his friends. It was a break free from confinement as he felt a ubiquitous difference in his identity and preferences from his male peers, though he couldn’t exactly point out the difference.

Should I Be Embarrassed?

As Mira entered the gates of Rosewood High School, she experienced feelings of anticipation coupled with suppressed excitement. Her hair was pristine, her uniform was prim and proper, nothing could go wrong! As she proceeded to enter the classroom, she noticed several children staring at her.

Sex workers: The voiceless stories, the pointless myths

Daughter:- Mom! Mom! You see the lady there wearing those clothes that you asked me not to wear. Is she not a good girl?
Mother:- Stop! Don’t say a word now!

Indian Movies: Filtering periods Out

Movies are often spoken in the same breath as mirrors. Mirrors to the society, to its creaks and crevices, and to the shadows which it hides beneath. They’ve done their job well, but when it comes to menstruation, movies have fallen prey to the age-old stigma. Have they countered the picture of menstruation in our society or blurred it? Let’s find out.