Our Aim

“To advance menstrual, health, hygiene, and dignity for all, to break the silence, raise awareness in rural areas, initiate action and change negative social norms to transform periods into pathways.”


" To advocate for the normalization of menstruation, to fight the myths and stigma surrounding menstruation and to improve menstruator's access to period products, because periods shouldn't be a problem for living."


To Empower Women and Unite them, To Create Women Entrepreneurs, To Initiate The Change and Make An IMPACT.


Our values are inspired by our vision of a world where no one goes without menstrual hygiene. We are tenacious, Passionate and dedicated. And are individually and collectively committed to put these values into practice.

Our sustainable practices have the power to engage consumers, enhance our operations & train the women entrepreneurs to take the lead.


Project Sustainability


We strive to make the women self-independent and financially stable by turning them into entrepreneurs and thus empowering them.

Women Empowerment

By conducting regular health camps and awareness sessions we inculcate a sense of menstrual hygiene in the community. 


Health & Hygiene

We teach our user groups soft skills like communication and marketing along with entrepreneurship skills contributing to their personal development.


Skill Development