OUr team

We are a team of  60 members with the aim of solving menstrual hygiene challenges worldwide. We promote women empowerment and menstrual awareness through our sustainable social enterprise- Aarogya, one pad at a time.

¬†Through our collaborations with NGOs, corporate houses, and other strategic partners, we aim to create a society where “Menstruation is Natural.”

Aarogya took us on a journey where we learned how even today basic necessities like a menstrual pad is a luxury to some in the country and always kept us motivated to work for the IMPACT.

Anisha Singh

Director, Aarogya

Got an opportunity to interact with the women in rural areas. Feels so nice to be able to help someone and bring about a change.

Ayush Jha

Director, Aarogya

Being able to work on training women entrepreneurs, I learnt how to be patient till they grasp a particular concept. Having the opportunity to skill them is something that I would always be grateful for.

Garima Agrawal

Director, Aarogya

We learned how we can connect and work with people facing similar problems by just talking about an issue which some sections of society don't even talk about openly.

Aakriti Gupta

Director, Aarogya